Ecological agriculture

Jerusalem Artichoke

Helianthus tuberosus – also called sunroot, sunchoke, or earth apple

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Until next harvest

Packaging possibility

Harvest and delivery

  • We offer fresh organic Jerusalem Artichoke tubers
  • We are able to harvest up to 100.000 tons of tubercules for our clients
  • This production will be realized depending of the confirmed orders and signed contracts until the end of March
  • Further to this date deliveries can be processed according to availability of the product.
  • The delivery starts each August for the harvested stems and October for the tubers.
  • We offer fresh organic jerusalem artichoke tubers
  • We offer harvested stems and flowers
  • Topinambur powder

Raw Organic Jerusalem Artichoke

Fully mechanized

Biotopi Farminvest is growing fully mechanized and marketing over 400 tons of raw organic Topinambur (Jerusalem Artichoke)